Templated Websites

There are two major types of templated, "turnkey" website builders. The first is the type that you pay for monthly (sometimes free, though not recommended) through companies such as Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. These companies provide complete hosting, domain, and email services, as well a provide a choice of many different templates and plug-ins to create your website.

Unfortunately, most people still need a trained web designer to design their website, even using a company such as these. The reason is twofold: one is that most people are not very good at web design and will end up having a site that is not optimal, and the other that most people simply do not have the time to put in to building one of these sites. CT Graphics can do it for you.

The other type of templated websites is called WordPress. WordPress is an independent platform which needs to be hosted by an outside source. The templates and plug-ins are very similar to website builder sites, and CT Graphics is able to build and host WordPress sites for you. There are pros and cons between WordPress sites and Turnkey sites, as well as pros and cons of both types compared to custom built websites. Contact CT Graphics to learn all you need to know about all these different types of sites.

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Available Add-Ons:

Plug-Ins: Templated websites offer thousands of free and premium “plug-ins” to add to a template. We will find what you are looking for and install it on the correct page or template at our $50 hourly rate.

Customization of Template: It is possible to further customize a templates if you are not exactly satisfied with any of them. We will customize for you at our $50 hourly rate.

Custom Graphics: Created at our $50 hourly rate

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