Small Business
Starter Kit
only $999!

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you always wanted to start your own business but just didn't to know where to start? We've been there. And, when we were there, we wish we had a Small Business Starter Kit. CT Graphics has put together this specially-priced package to help you get your startup off the ground!

One of the biggest parts of any small business in its early stages is to establish a unique brand in order to separate it from the rest of the pack. CT Graphics can help you design, shape, and mold your brand — and then provide you with products designed to get your brand OUT THERE! Remember, customers won't come to you unless they know about you.

So, check out what you get in our Starter Kit, along with some discounted Add-Ons if you buy the Kit. There's a lot of good stuff there. Stuff that no small business should go without!

Included in the Starter Kit:
(all items are custom-designed to your specifications)

(all items are custom-designed to your specifications)

In the Manchester, CT area and beyond, call us today at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at to order your Small Business Starter Kit today!