Digital Advertising • $45/hr.

Advertising is all around us. And lots of it is digital. Some of these digital ways to advertise are completely new, and some are just new spins on old takes of traditional advertising. For example: Web Banners. A lot of websites sell advertising on their pages. Someone has to created those ads, right? That's where CT Graphics can help. Do you know what a Facebook boosted post is? It's another form of advertising that reaches maximum amounts of people. We can help you create one, because Facebook has certain rules about what can go on a post and what can't. Infographics can cause a viral sesnsation online if done right and do wonders for your advertising return on investment. And, we can even create electronic billboards for you to look at while stuck in traffic on the freeway. Let CT Graphics aid you with your advertising goals!

Social Media Graphics • $45/hr.

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram. Google+. Tumblr. Snapchat. LinkedIn. Foursquare. StumbleUpon. Heck, even MySpace is still around. Most people use at least one of these social media networking sites, and many use them for their businesses. We can help you create an effective strategy to showcase your business by designing cover graphics, profile graphics, background wallpapers, and other graphics specific to certain sites. Don't just throw anything you can find from Microsoft Clipart up on your profile — use a professional and do it right.

Email Marketing • $45/hr.

The "Email Club" or "Mailing List" or "Email Blast" is becoming very popular. There are several companies out there that can help you to compile a mailing list and send out daily, weekly, or monthly updates or newsletters to people interested in you or your business. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, and iContact are just a few.

Getting your email marketing to look just right is not an easy task. There's a lot to know about design as well as some programming to create a great look. That's where CT Graphics can help. Don't go it alone and waste a lot of precious time, call a professional and get it right the first time. We promise!

Screen Graphics • $45/hr.

A huge amount of information is communicated visually these days. We seem to always be looking at screens of some kind, and almost all of them are trying to grab a piece of our attention with visual communication. CT Graphics can create that for you. Whether it's a rotating information slideshow running on a TV in the lunch room, a welcome presentation for people entering your place of business, or overlays and backgrounds used in videos, we can design it for you. With over 30 years of experience, CT Graphics can create the right screen graphics, in the right formats and the right resolutions, that you need.

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